Spin Process Station:스핀프로세스 스테이션 (Ŭ&) Spin Cleaning & Spin Drying


Full ÷ƽ Ͽ¡

Single wafer process, 6~12inch

Manual loading and unloading system

Acid-resistant materials and structure

Time : 1-999 sec/step

Speed :1-2.000 rpm

Non contact wafer chuck or mechanical Chuck

Etch uniformity: + - 3%

2-6 chemicals, DIW rinse and N2 dry

Substrate Front & Back Side In Situ Di Water Rinse

Temperature control for chemicals

Chemical flow control

Spray swing arm movement(Option)

Ŭ, ,ɿĪ,

LCD control:

-ð :0-999sec/step




1600Wx1000Dx1800H mm


Spin Process Station
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  • Drying
  • Rinse/clean
  • Etching
  • Manual coating
  • Automatic coating
  • Developing

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