Spin Rinse Dryer
1 cassette                Multi Cassettes type

Wafer Spin Rinse Dryers                         

The JS2D-S is a drying system that uses centrifugal force to dry the surface of substrates such as wafers, masks, or disks. Substrates are placed inside a drying chamber, held in place by a rotor, and spun at an appropriate speed depending on the nature of the load and process. The drying chamber, or bowl, is warmed with a continuous flow of hot filtered nitrogen and surface heaters on the outside walls. The liquid on the substrate surface is spun off and drained from the bowl while liquid droplets on the drying chamber surfaces are evaporated.

Model JS2D-S is one-carrier£¨25 pieces£© processing type high quality drying machine that, in addition to our proven rinsing, drying and operating performance, provides the machine to keep the chamber clean.


1cassette type

Model JS2D-100S, 125S, 150S, 200S, 300S

1-carrier type

4, 5, 6, 8 inch and 12inch wafers





-Static eliminator(ionizer)
-Special specifications/

Spin rinse dryers available for

glass substrates and ceramic substrates.

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